Report of the 1st Regional Consultation Workshop

Executive Summary

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Overcoming poverty has not been an easy task for every decision maker involved in solving it. Several initiatives and agreements have been put in place not only to eradicate poverty incidence among nations but also to keep in check the present progress in attaining this goal. Similarly, education and skills development, being one of the basic human needs lacking in a poor society, is one of the priority areas in solving the poverty problem.

Responding to the global clamor to end poverty in a sustainable manner, the Colombo Plan Staff College, together with its member countries, have previously set the framework for the TVET Skills Development for Poverty Alleviation Program that will train local people, or champion leaders, in fostering initiatives, harboring ideas and consolidating solutions to address poverty in the grassroots level. CPSC’s advocacy has been through providing capacity building in avenues such as TVET Skills development through Training, ICT, Social Entrepreneurship and International Linkages. Together with the Government of the Republic of India, who initiated a $500,000.00 grant for this program, CPSC hopes that it will produce a multiplier effect among the member governments and the participating institutions in this flagship project.

At the helm of the leadership of Director General Dr. Shyamal Majumdar and the CPSC academic team, twenty of the distinguished policy makers and administrators representing each of the member countries validated the findings and recommendations of the International Experts Group on the project modalities and priorities that identified a number of key cross cutting issues about poverty in the region including the multi-dimensionality of poverty and the role of partnership and coordination.

The confirmation, validation and endorsement of the representatives of CPSC member countries provided the much needed support for the project to push through. The curriculum framework, project modalities and implementation and selection guidelines has now been established, and the project is a step ahead of realizing its efforts to augment the eradication of poverty in the region through skills development and training. Thus, this Regional Consultation Workshop aims at convening CPSC member country representatives to validate the findings of the international experts group and endorse it to for further project implementation


List of Workshop Attendees


Mr. Abdul Rahim Nasry
National Program Coordinator
National Skills Developmetn Program
Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled (MoLSAMD)
Kabul, Afghanistan


Mr. Pema Wangda
Director General
Department of Labour
Ministry of Labour and Human Resources
Thimphu, Bhutan

Fiji Islands

Ms. Betty Jitoko
Director, Training
Public Service Commission Berkly Crescent
Government Building, Suva, Fiji Islands


Sh. Mahaveer Singhvi
Deputy Secretary (Technical Cooperation)
Ministry of External Affairs
New Delhi, India


Dr. Mohammad Naim Yaakub
Policy Development Division
Polytechnic Education Department
Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia


Ms. Mariyam Noordeen
Asst. Executive Director
Ministry of Human Resources, Youth and Sports
Haveree Hingun, Male 20216, Republic of Maldives


Ms. Erdentuya Rinchin
Curriculum & Methodology Department
Implementing Agency of the Government of Mongolia - Agency of TVET


Dr. Theingi
West Yangon Technological University
Ministry of Science and Technology, Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar


Dr. Jay Bahadur Tandan
Member Secretary
Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT)Sanothimi, Bhaktapur
P.B. 3546, Kathmandu, Nepal


Mr. Muhammad Ismail
Deputy Educational Adviser
Ministry of Education (Training Wing)
NISTE Building
Sector H-8/1, Islamabad, Pakistan

Papua New Guinea


Sri Lanka

Ms. Rossa Apelis
Senior Curriculum Officer
TVET Division, Department of Education
NCD, Papua New Guinea

Mr. Mordecai Akila Baine
Professional Assistant / Executive Officer
Department of Education
NCD, Papua New Guinea

Sri Lanka

Dr. H. Chithral Ambawatte
Director General
Department of Technical Education & Training (DTET)
Ministry of Youth Affairs
P.O. Box 557, Olcott Mawatha, Colombo 10, Sri Lanka


Mr. Isaac Thomas Goodine
Former CPSC Director; General Secretary, IVETA; Member, World Bank Speakers Bureau
Dr. CK Basu
Director Emeritus, CPSC
Dr. Shyamal Majumdar
Director General, CPSC
Dr. Rajesh Khambayat
Chairman, Training and Development Division
Dr. Renato Sorolla
Faculty Specialist
Engr. Md. Jahangir Alam
Faculty Specialist
Prof. TJ Tesoro Gayondato
Manager, Projects and Consultancy Division

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